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The Challenge:
Customer relationship management today involves a comprehensive implementation that provides seamless coordination between all customer service functions by integrating people, process and technology.

Portable Forms is really two products in one - a powerful but incredibly easy to use data collection application generator with dynamic document management and delivery capabilities built in. Both of these features can help businesses do a better job of communicating with customers.

The Solution:
Rovenet Portable Forms. For instance, an account executive for a major bank in New York City speaks with hundreds of customers, leads and prospects - all while out of the office. Her Rovenet Portable Forms helps her document sales leads, meeting notes, quotes, follow up schedules and then transmits this information to the bank's centralized Customer Relationship Management system quickly and easily. At the same time, she also delivers sales correspondence automatically via e-mail and fax.

Rovenet's automotive sales customers have seen similar successes. In one client's case, his major goal was to enhance communication with customers and prospects. By logging simple information on Pocket PC handheld computers during presentations, salespeople deliver thank you notes, recall memos, reminders and sales literature electronically in seconds. Response from customers has been incredibly positive because they view the salesperson as more responsive. The result? A significant increase in closed sales.

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