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The Challenge:
A food supplier provides gas stations and convenience stores with fresh sandwiches and salads. Every day, 25 customer service representatives call on hundreds of locations within a four-county area in suburban Illinois.

For years the owner observed that larger suppliers used hand held computers for delivery tracking and invoicing. He looked into getting the system for his representatives, but he didn't have a large enough operation to justify the expense. So he was stuck with stacks of confusing, difficult to read paperwork and a lengthy data entry process back at the office.

The Solution:
In just a few days, the supplier's reseller created a Portable Forms solution enabling him to maintain his sales orders, returns tracking and inventory. And Portable Forms created the applications from his existing forms, so it was a seamless transition - and service improvement--for his customers.

The decision to use Pocket PC handheld computers with built in bar code scanners has helped them be even more productive. Reps just scan products, enter a quantity and Portable Forms does the rest. Using Portable Forms also improved the rep's accuracy in calculating invoices and returns. It turns out they were losing hundreds of dollars per month due to mistakes. No more, thanks to Rovenet Portable Forms.

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